Amway XS Energy Drink

These energy drinks are not comparable to the competitors. Their nutrients are meant not to harm you.

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How do XS® Energy Drinks taste so good with no sugar and very few calories?
XS drinks use a proprietary blend of sucralose, acesulfame potassium, and fruit essences to give the drinks their great flavor without sugar or empty calories. 

Gluten free. 

Does XS contain gluten? 
No, XS Energy Drinks are gluten free. 

Energy Effects

Will the energy effects be decreased if taken daily?

Vitamin B

Is it possible to overdose on B vitamins?
B vitamins are part of the group called “water soluble” vitamins. Excessive amounts of water soluble vitamins are merely excreted through the urine. 

Caffeine amount

How much caffeine is in XS Energy Drinks?
All of the 250 ml XS Energy Drinks have approximately 83 mg of caffeine. This is the equivalent to a 28ml (1-oz.) shot of espresso. 


How much sugar is in XS Energy Drinks?
There is less than half a calorie of sugar in XS Energy Drinks. This qualifies for the government-approved statement “No Sugar.” Most 250 ml energy drinks in the market today have over 100 calories from 27-30 g of sugar, which is a simple carbohydrate. Most 355 ml non-diet soft drinks have 170 calories from 40 g of sugar. 

Why is it important to NOT have sugar or carbohydrate calories in any drink?
Calories from sugar and carbohydrates may increase fat deposits. Simple carbohydrates are also called high-glycemic (high-sugar) foods. High-glycemic foods cause your body to pump insulin to digest the sugar, which sends a message to your body to store calories as fat. Low-glycemic foods do not pump insulin to the same degree and aid in your body’s natural metabolism of fat, using your body’s fat resources as fuel. 

Pregnant Women

Are caffeine-free XS Energy Drinks okay for pregnant women?
XS Energy Drinks can’t make recommendations for people with specific medical conditions. Please check with your doctor before making any changes to your diet.


High caffeine content 
Caution: Do not consume more than 2 cans daily.

More Information

Recommended Use:  Helps temporarily restore mental alertness or wakefulness when experiencing fatigue or drowsiness.
Recommended Dose (Adults): Drink one can (250 mL) once or twice daily.

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