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My name is Chester and I welcome you to the site of all about Mesothelioma info and Asbestos.

Let me tell you how it all started. A dear friend of my wife and I died of Cancer and after a short while, my mom died of heart attack and this is partly what set me on a journey to be able to have a website geared towards the families with cancer patients.

A Cancer Journey

To begin, I started to have websites whose focus was prayer for these cancer patients and their families. These websites are:-


After some time, I realized that cancer is such a wide area. One other area of sickness that kept showing up was Cerebral Palsy and this led me to establish the website below:-


Mesothelioma info : A New Site

Still one other sickness that kept resurfacing was mesothelioma that mostly arose from contamination with asbestos. This is the reason for this site that is both informative and directional. Whether you are looking for a lawyer or a hospital or just studying about mesothelioma and asbestos, it is my hope you will find this new site of great value. Please tag it, here it is:


It is vital also to know that apart from the cancer related sites shown above, my passion really was in guiding people on the best devotionals and also by writing a monthly online word encouraging all those that are down. This I did by setting up the sites below:-


Hope you will benefit from all these resources and more so on this new site.

The Journey Continues,


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