Asbestos Victims - A Brotherhood
Of Support

Countless asbestos victims have dramatic stories to tell. Grandfathers that never knew their grandchildren, dreams never realized. Yet, they also have a special strength: a strong bond of fellowship to encourage one another and band together to promote change.

From Facebook to Twitter, YouTube to LinkedIn, those affected by asbestos exposure are making sure their voice is being heard.

Early victims of asbestos poisoning often faced a lonely and misunderstood road. Little was known about the disease. No lobbyists were working on their behalf. Googling about asbestos-related disease was not an option.

Thankfully, today’s victims face a much brighter world. The realities of the disease have changed little, but the fellowship and support certainly has. Everyone has a place they can fit in, a shoulder they can cry on, an ear to listen to them, and a platform from which to speak. If you are a victim, finding your niche in the world of victim support and advocacy is only a mouse-click away.

Raising Awareness

One of the hardest situations for victims is receiving a blank stare when sharing your diagnosis with someone. It is hard enough to be experiencing a disease without having to explain it to everyone you meet. Organizations such as Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (1) are seeking to make such difficult situations a thing of the past by raising awareness.

Advocacy often walks hand in hand with awareness. After all, why raise awareness about something if you are unwilling to do anything to change it? A fact that is shocking to many Americans is the fact that asbestos is still legal and used in certain applications in the United States. Many victims of asbestos poisoning are working to change that fact.

Strength In Community

Living with mesothelioma is not an easy path. The days can be dark, depressing, and discouraging. And yet, beautiful stories are written in this pain, courage can be gained from numbers, and strength can be drawn in community. Such is the story of countless asbestos victims. Through online forums and community meetings, these courageous people, their families and friends bond together in a spirit that inspires hope, lifts the weary, and gives courage to those just setting foot, however unwillingly in the journey.

Sometimes finding that place of community can seem like an impossible task. However, some of the best mesothelioma attorneys are aware of the need for community for their clients. They maintain a resource list and can help point their clients to places of courage, community, and advocacy. Doctors and counselors can also be excellent sources of information on groups or organizations nearby.

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