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If you have asbestos in your home, choosing an asbestos removal company is likely the most important decision you will make. Because mishandling asbestos can result in disastrous health consequences, you should not hire the first person who knocks on your door promising a fantastic remodel job. Neither should you decide this a great weekend do-it-yourself project. A little disturbed asbestos can do a lot of long-term damage.

Knowing you should use a professional is one thing. Finding one you can depend on is quite another. And while it is impossible to recommend the perfect professional in your area, it is possible to pass on a few tips to aid your decision.

Help! It's Asbestos!

Most of the time asbestos in walls, insulation, and flooring presents little danger to the occupants of the home. However, when these materials become damaged, asbestos fibers can begin to be released into the air and pose a health risk. Remodeling is another way stir up fibers. Sometimes, something as simple as screwing a hole into a wall can do the deed. But, if you suspect asbestos, there is no reason to panic. Asbestos can be handled safely and effectively.

What is done with asbestos depends on where it is and the extent of the exposure. Slightly exposed insulation around a furnace, for example may be sealed off to adequately deal with the problem. In fact, there are two main ways of dealing with asbestos:

  • Covering or Sealing – if the exposure is small and contained, it may be that material can be added to seal it off, eliminating the danger.
  • Removal – large areas of exposure, surfaces that are crumbling, or materials that are no longer structurally stable may need to be completely removed. Remodeling also necessitates removal.

Neither method of dealing with asbestos should be handled by individuals. Asbestos is dangerous and should be handled by professionals trained to deal with it properly. Improper handling can actually create a greater threat to your family.

Asbestos Removal Company: Finding a Pro

Before contacting an asbestos removal company, you should have your asbestos risk assessed. Find an individual not associated with a removal company to evaluate the extent of exposure in your home. If the risk is sufficient, you should look for a removal company.

Do a bit of homework. Find out any state licensing requirements for removal companies. Ask for references, training certificates, and appropriate licenses. Inquire about the methods used to handle, remove, and dispose of the asbestos from your home. A reputable removal company will be responsible for:

  • Avoiding spreading asbestos to other areas of the home
  • Dispose properly of all materials
  • Clean with appropriate equipment to remove fibers.

A quality removal company will seek your best interests. They will safeguard your family’s health. Choose carefully: your family’s health depends on it!

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