Asbestos Removal Certification

Asbestos removal certification is a certification that is necessary for all those who deal with the removal and disposal of asbestos and asbestos related products.

Asbestos Removal Certification has become a great necessity with time. It is important to note that Asbestos material are dangerous and research has proved that they pose a health risk to anyone exposed to the substance. States at local level and federal standards have been imposed in most of the countries and those who would want to handle asbestos especially the contractors must get certified i.e. get Certification by approved institutions lest they risk being heavily fined.

Asbestos certification will therefore be something that most contractors should be concerned with not just as a protection against themselves and their staff but that it does not end up causing harm to the house or property owners. It may be noted that Asbestos has been linked to Mesothelioma cancer and many other lung cancer. Utmost care is thus a necessity and hence the need for this Certification.

Asbestos Removal Certification Agencies and Institutions

USA  Asbestos Removal  

(Certification will vary from state to state but herewith are the requirements for Washington State and New York State. These should be able to give you a sense of the requirements needed by your state. It is however recommended that  your find out what your state requires. This here is for information only!)

·         Washington State Deptartment of Labor & Industries

·         The New York State Department of Labor

UK - Removal Certification

(The UK has its own requirements but when one is looking at the UK requirements, one has also to take into account also the requirements stipulated by the EU. In most cases they are just additional but not with much deviations.)

·         The Health and Safety Commission (HSC) – Asbestos Licensing

Australia - Removal Certification

·         The Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency

Canada - Removal certification

·         The Worker’s Safety and Compensation Commission (WSCC)

It is recommended that one looks at the pages on the side here with respect to Dangers of Asbestos and when it stopped and the various agencies and bodies that uphold the states concerning environmental protection.

We hope later on to cover some of the institutions both educational or governmental that offer this type of certification and other environmental and legal related certifications. We will also endeavor to share on the content of these certifications.

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